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The 4 Interior Design Styles in 2023

No matter the size of your living space, interior designers can create the design style you love.

There are many types of interior design styles. Each style has its own unique features and considerations. We will consider materials, colors, decorations, and furnishings. Here are the four most popular interior design styles in Hong Kong and New York for 2023:

  • Modern/minimalist style
  •  Japanese style
  •  Industrial style, and
  •  Nordic (Scandinavian) style

We will provide plenty of renovation and design examples in the upcoming articles!

1. Modern interior design style: refined, minimalist, and stylish

Modern Interior Style

This is the most common style, with clean lines, light shades and relative brightness.

Functionality is more important than design, avoiding excessive decorations to preserve a sense of space and simplicity. This gives a sense of avant-garde and non-traditional flavor. In recent years, the modern minimalist style, also known as “Less is More” has become popular. White is the main tone, couple with cold white lighting. Even in a spacious room, the minimum number of items and furniture are used to achieve the ultimate minimalist effect.

2. Japanese Interior Design Style: MUJI Style

Japanese Muji Home Style

Japanese minimalist style is a popular design trend. It features sparse structures, emphasizes neat lines and Muji-style decoration that is simple and pure. This design is popular in Hong Kong and New York, where small living spaces are prevalent. Many people opt for Japanese-style rooms, Nakashima kitchen, bamboo tatami mats and shoji paper doors.

3. Industrial Style Interior Design: Combining Practicality with Personal Style

Industrial Home Flat Style Interior

Industrial style uses cold colors like black, gray, and white, along with materials such as red bricks, leather, dark brown wood, and rusted iron to create a rugged and old-fashioned look. This creates a “light industrial design.” Loft style often adopts the industrial look, incorporating vintage elements and exposed steel bars and brackets. The open design makes the space more transparent.

4. Scandinavian Interior Design: Expanding Life, Expanding Sense of Space

Nordic Scandinavian Interior Home Design Style

Nordic interior design focuses on being simple and functional. It uses a lot of wood and light colors, with plenty of white space. It combines modern minimalism with the cozy feel of the Nordic environment. This design is great for small living spaces in cities like Hong Kong or New York because it makes the space feel bigger and provides practical storage solutions.

How much does home interior design in Hong Kong cost?

The average price for an interior design and renovation package is around $1,000/sq.ft, with a price range of $800-$1,200/sq.ft.

The full house renovation package includes interior design as well as all design fees, design drawings, and construction drawings. If the designer only provides design drawings, the cost of pure interior design is about 30% cheaper. The cost of interior design depends on the unit area, spacing, designer qualifications and experience, design style, and material requirements.

For example, for a practical area of 400 sq.ft with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, the cost of pure interior design drawings ranges from $20,000 to $100,000. The larger the area and the more complex the renovation project, the higher the interior design price will be.

Can adopting different interior design styles save budget?

For Hong Kong homes, Japanese or Scandinavian interior design styles are cheaper, costing around HKD 350,000 to HKD 400,000.

This is because they have fewer feature walls and ceilings, and do not need custom-made furniture. You can buy affordable ready-made furniture from chain furniture stores.

More luxurious styles like British, industrial, and others cost at least $600,000. They use materials like metal, glass, and solid wood which are twice as expensive. Before renovating, you can check out examples of interior designs and style recommendations on our DecoAI platform. You can also contact us to get interior design quotes, and we can recommend interior design companies and follow up on the project’s progress. If you want to know the renovation budget, we also offer renovation estimates.

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